Title: Lodz Ghetto: Inside a Community Under Siege
Primary Author: Adelson, Alan
Other Author(s): Lapides, Robert
Published: 1989, Viking Penguin, New York
Copyright: Jewish Heritage Writing Project
Type of Publication: book
Name of Publication:
Volume & Issue:
No. of Pages: 526
Language: English
Original Language: Various
ISBN: 0-670-82983-8
Abstract: This is the companion volume to the exceptional film of the same name. It contains a compilation of contemporaneous documents, diaries and chronicles that evokes the heart and essence of the Lodz ghetto. Especially interesting are the entries by Leon Hurwitz, David Sierakowiak and Jozef Zelkowicz.

The Lodz ghetto was the second largest and the last ghetto to be liquidated. This was due to its collaborationist leader, Chaim Rumkowski, and his ability to make the ghetto workshops useful to the Germans.

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