Title: The Destruction of the European Jews
Primary Author: Hilberg, Raul
Other Author(s):
Published: 1985, Holmes and Meier, New York
Copyright: Raul Hilberg
Type of Publication: book
Name of Publication:
Volume & Issue:
No. of Pages:
Original Language:
ISBN: 0-8419-0832-X
Abstract: This important and authoritative study is a 1 volume condensation of a 3 volume work. It is an historical and analytic approach to the bureaucratic and governmental process of the killing of the Jews. It focuses on the perpetrators not on the victims.

The "Final Solution" involved the closely co-ordinated efforts of thousands of people, each of whom had at least a partial knowledge of how their work fitted in as means to an end. Railroad workers and bureaucrats scheduled the death trains. Bankers handled the finances of the SS--in paying for the transportation of the victims, so much per person per kilometer, and also in the theft of the victims assets.

Of Hitler's direct participation in the Holocaust Hilberg writes, "Then one day toward the end of the summer (of 1941) Eichmann was called into Heydrich's office where the RSHA chief told him: I have just come from the Reichfuhrer; The Furher has now ordered the physical annihilation of the Jews."

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