Title: The Diary of Anne Frank: The Critical Edition
Primary Author: Frank, Anne
Other Author(s):
Editor(s): Barnouw, David; Van Der Stroom, Gerrold
Published: 1986, Viking, New York
Copyright: Various
Type of Publication: book
Name of Publication:
Volume & Issue:
No. of Pages: 719
Language: English
Original Language: Dutch
Translator(s): Pomerans, Arnold J.; Mooyaart-Doubleday, B. M.
ISBN: 0-670-82048-2
Abstract: One major goal in preparation of this volume was to prove the authenticity of Anne Frank's diary. It had been attacked as a forgery. Consequently, this book contains the results of scientific studies that may not be of interest to the general reader.

The diary is presented in parallel format in versions A, B and C. One is the diary as published, and the other 2 versions are Anne's original diary entries and her subsequent re-writing and expansion of the diary in anticipation of publication. For Anne reworked her orignal version after she heard a radio broadcast by a member of the Dutch government-in-exile. He said that after the war it would be important to document the war years. Anne planned to publish her diary.

This parallel ordering of the texts makes for difficult reading for all but the specialist. This version includes most of the passages expurgated from the original edition which Otto Frank felt were too personal, reflected poorly on Anne's relationship with her mother or described bodily functions. However, some bits are still being kept confidential because of the requests of family members of those cited.

This volume contains supplementary essays of great interest that describe the history of the Frank family, the layout of the annex, the betrayal and its consequences for the Jews and their protectors. The story of Otto Frank's complicated efforts to save his business from the tangle of discriminating economic policies is told in detail.

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