Title: A Vanished World
Primary Author: Vishniac, Roman
Other Author(s):
Published: 1983, Noonday Press, New York
Copyright: Roman Vishniac
Type of Publication: book
Name of Publication:
Volume & Issue:
No. of Pages: 180
Language: English
Original Language:
Abstract: They were living on borrowed time. The seeds of destruction had already been sown when in the late 1930's photographer Roman Vishniac took upon himself the task of recording life in the shtetls and cities of Eastern Europe. He circulated primarily among the very religious and the poor. The orthodox have a prejudice against graven images so many of the photographs had to be made secretly.

Of course, we know what they don't: Not only would their way of life disappear in a few years, the subjects of the photographs would physically disappear too.

Putting the pathos aside, these portraits on their own are sensitive, evocative and haunting. Vishniac's love for his subjects is readily apparant. The ritual dress and customs seem quaint, the poverty grinding. The message is universal.

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