Title: Yes, We Sang!
Primary Author: Kalisch, Shoshana
Other Author(s): Meister, Barbara
Published: , Harper & Row, New York
Type of Publication: book
Name of Publication:
Volume & Issue:
No. of Pages:
Language: English
Original Language:
Abstract: Ms. Kalish informs us that songs were an ubiquitous part of life in the confinement of the ghettos and camps. Stories of courage and sadness accompany the songs.

There is the story of Liuba Levitska (1917-1943), the nightingale of the Vilna ghetto. Her singing raised spirits in the ghetto. She was murdered at Ponary by Martin Weiss' girlfriend, Hilde Denger.

There is the story of Hirsh Glick who wrote the Partisan Hymn, Zog Nit Keyn Mol, when he heard of the brave rebellion by the Warsaw Jews in April 1943.

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