Nowa Wilejka

a small town to the east of Vilna which was incorporated into the city of Vilna (Vilnius) in 1947. It was the site of a small labor camp, the last camp in the Vilna district to be liquidated in July 1943 because of suspected partisan activity. The workers were taken to Ponary and killed.

Several days before the liquidation The "Leon Group" of FPO partisans escaped from the Vilna ghetto by deserting a wood cutting work detail. The members of the "Leon Group" passed through the labor camp at Nowa Wilejka on their way to join other partisans in the Narocz forests. Fourteen members of the Nowa Wilejka labor camp insisted on joining the partisan group.

Near the bridge over the river Vileyka 20 miles north of Vilna the group of 35 fell into an ambush. Nine were killed and the rest scattered into the forest. Thirteen of the group gathered together and made it to the Narocz forests, a distance of 90 miles from Vilna, 4 days later.

Source: Arad, Ghetto In Flames.

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