Jewish Agency

a leadership organization within the Jewish community in Palestine (Yishuv).

During the war it was concerned with the rescue of Jews in Europe; however, because of lack of resources, the indifference of the Allied powers and because of internal political divisions it was largely ineffective.

Some of its plans involved cash payments to Nazi controlled countries in return for the permission of Jews to emigrate. Negotiations took place; however, the Germans has no intention of allowing this to happen.

Of note were two proposals: In the summer of 1944 the Jewish Agency made repeated appeals to the Allies to bomb the extermination facilities at Auschwitz; the appeals were rejected on technical grounds. The Jewish Agency proposed to the British that Jewish parachutists be dropped behind enemy lines to promote partisan activities. Thirty-five men and two women including the heroic Hannah Szenes, were infiltrated into Europe.

In 1945, the it changed its objective to aiding war refugees.

Source: Encyclopedia of the Holocaust.

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