a concentraton camp located near a granite quarry of the same name in Lower Silesia. The working conditions involved backbreaking labor in the quarry and special work assignments during what were supposed to be hours of rest.

The camp was expanded into a network of 60 sub-camps involved in armaments production. The main camp held 10,000 and the sub-camps 80,000 prisoners.

The Jewish population of the camp varied. From March 1944 until January 1945 the camp received an uninterrupted flow of Jewish prisoners, including prisoners from the partially evacuated Auschwitz camps.

Gross-Rosen was evacuated in early February 1945 by rail and on death marches. Records show that 489 prisoners were sent to Dachau, 3,500 to Bergen-Belsen, 5,565 to Buchenwald, 4,930 to Flossenburg, 2,249 to Mauthausen and 1,103 to Mittelbau, however, the records are incomplete.

Sources: Encyclopedia of the Holocaust; Historical Atlas of the Holocaust.

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