Tobbens' Shop

a textile factory, operated by Walter Tobbens the largest employer in the Warsaw ghetto.

German manufacturers appeared in the Warsaw ghetto in the summer of 1941. At first they placed orders with Jewish workshops, but they established their own factories.

In 1943, Tobbens was appointed as ghetto commissar to transfer workers from the Warsaw ghetto to labor camps in the Lublin area. However, by this time the workers were obeying the instructions of the Jewish Fighting Organization (ZOB).

In May 1943, after the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 10,000 workers were transferred to a factory Tobbens established in the Poniatowa labor camp near Lublin. However, in November 1943 as part of the operation known by code name of "Erntefest" (Harvest Festival) the camp was liquidated and the prisoners were shot.

Source: Encyclopedia of the Holocaust.

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