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Israel Vogel, Letter

Letter to Eva Galler's aunt and uncle who married in Israel. ISRAEL VOGEL OLESZYCE (Poland), MANUFACTURER AND DISTRIBUTER OF TEFILLIN, MEZUZAH, LEATHER STRAPS, TZITZIT, THREAD FOR PARCHMENT, SHOFARS, SPECIAL TEFILLIN, TORAHS, TORAH SPINDLES, DRUMHEADS Dated March 18, 1938: Dear Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law: First of all I want to thank you for the two letters that we recieved. Ten days ago I sent you a tallis as a sample. Answer right away if you received it and if you had to pay duty. It is a gift. I added a bunch of silk tzitzit and they are kosher. For you, dear brother-in-law I sent a nice tallis and you should wear it with pleasure. God should not forget you. You should have a good and steady job and should be able to afford everything, and your wife should not have to work. By now your have heard that Vienna has been occupied by the Germans. Unfortunatey, we are dancing at the same wedding. This has cost me thousands of zlotys which are owed to me. I am very nervous and cannot write anymore. Regards and kisses. These are the weeks of your honeymoon. Yours Truly, Israel

Photo Credit: Eva Galler

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