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New Americans in 1952

In 1952 the Holocaust survivors who had settled in New Orleans pose on the steps of the Jewish Community Center facing St. Charles Avenue. They are going on a tour of the city sponsored by the National Council of Jewish Women Service to the Foreign Born Program.

While not everyone has been identified, the following are included: 1st row: Jack Lasocki, David Radasky, Adam Skorecki, Eva Liberman, Martin Sher. 2nd row: Mr Langer, Mr&Mrs Liberman, Joseph Sher 3rd row: Mr. Weiser, Mr&Mrs Gutermann & Stewart, Dora Niederman, Sam Radasky, Ellen Lasocki, Henry Lasocki, Mrs Goldfarb, Rachel Sher 4th row: Isaac Niederman, Mr&Mrs Melnick & son, Mrs Weiser, Isak Borenstein, Mr&Mrs Bibelkraut, Lila Skorecki, Anne Skorecki, Ruth Skorecki, Mark Skorecki, Pola Borenstein.

[The following is the news release accompanying this photograph which was produced for the New Orleans States Newspaper:]

For Rose Kahn New Orleans States Tu. 2411, Ext. 52

New Orleans Section, National Council of Jewish Women

Service to Foreign Born Program

Volunteers met boats at New Orleans Port of Embarkation; acted as interpreters, helped travelers clear through customers; served lunches and dinners at the Jewish Community Center to those looking for a place to live, or those who were awaiting trains and planes to take them to other cities; helped write letters to families in the United States etc.

After homes were found, Council volunteers showed them how to shop at super markets; how to register their children at school; how to register adults at Rabouin School for classes; took their children to clinics at hospitals if necessary; helped these who were able, to find jobs, Some of the New Americans were able to do work at home, dressmaking, etc, and Council set customers to them. A furniture bank was set up at the Jewish Community Center with Council members sending all types of furniture, bed spreads, curtains, lamps, etc. and the New Americans were able to select furnishings to give them a start.

Council set up English classes that supplemented the courses given by the Public School system, and also started a lecture series at the request of these newcomers. The subjects that were requested were: City Charter; National Election; Louisiana History; B'nai Brith's Anti Defamation League, and also a lecture on Judicial Gov't.

Council members were asked to send their unused concert tickets so that the New Americans could use them.

The women who settled in New Orleans were given free membership to the Council of Jewish Women.

Council members are ever watchful of the immigration laws and protect the newcomers by keeping them advised of action they must take; such as registering change of address, naturalization processes etc.

Last year, in cooperation with the City of New Orleans, the newcomers were taken on a tour of the city (see picture)

The New Orleans Council of Jewish Women cooperates with the Jewish Federation in assisting the New Americans in every way possible to enable them to become valuable citizens of this country. Mrs. Dan Steuer is our chairman of the service to Foreign Born Program.

Mrs. Moise W. Dennery Un. 2542

By permission of the Special Collection of The Howard and Tilton Memorial Tulane University Library

Photo Credit: The Special Collection of the Howard and Tilton Memorial Tulane University Library

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