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Title: El Malei Rachamim
Joseph Sher
Duration: 115 seconds
Copyright: ©1999, John Menszer
Transcript: El Malei Rachamim shochein bamromim,
hamtzei menuchah nachonah tachas kanfei hashechinah,
bema'alos kedoshim,
kedoshim utahorim,
kezohar harekia mei'irim umazhirim,
es nishmos acheinu B'nei Yisrael hakadoshim,
hakedoshim vehatahorim,
shenaflu bidei rotzchim venishpachu demom
be'Auschwitz, Majdanek, Treblinka
usha'ar machanos hashemam beEuropa
sheneheregu,sheneheregu, veshenisrafu,
shenisrafu venishchatu
venikveru chayim bekol misos meshunos ve'achzorios
al, al, al kedushas Hashem
ba'avur she'anuchnu baneihem, ubenoseihem, acheihem,ve'achoseihem
nodrim tzedakah be'ad hazkaras nishmoseihem
beGan Eden beGan Eden t'hei menuchasam.
Lachein Ba'al Harachamim yastiram beseiser kanafav le'olamim,
veyitzror veyitzror betzror hachayim es nishmasam,
Ad-noi hu nachalasam, veyanucham beshalom al mishkavam,
venomar Amen.

English Translation:

God, full of mercy, Who dwells on high,
grant proper rest under the wings of the Divine Presence--
in the lofty levels
of the holy and pure ones,
who shine like the glory of the firmament--
for the soul of our brothers the Jewish people,
the holy and pure, who fell at the hands of murderers,
whose blood was spilled
in Auschwitz, in Majdanek, in Treblinka
and the other camps of destruction in Europe,
who were slain, burned, and slaughtered,
and who were buried alive with extreme cruelty
for the sanctification of the Divine Name.
For we, their sons, their daughters, their brothers, and their sisters,
will contribute to charity in remembrance of their souls.
May their resting place be in Paradise--
therefore may the Master of Mercy shelter them beneath His wings for eternity;
and may He bind their souls in the Bond of Life.
God is their inheritance,
and may they repose in peace in their resting place.
Now let us say-- Amen.
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