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Title: Together Through Everything
Joseph Sher
Duration: 54 seconds
Copyright: ©1999, John Menszer
Transcript: She was 18. I was 22. We wouldn't get married in the war at this age. But this make us . . . But thank G-d, I am . . . we went through concentration camp, we went through the big ghetto then through the small ghetto . . . And for ten weeks I lost her . . . I lost her altogether. I didn't know she's alive. When I came back I found out she's alive. We was together through everything. I'm good natured, she was good natured, we fit in. We never argued, whatever she say . . . I loved her. I say "your way," sometimes she gave me my way, too. She wasn't . . . has to be my way . . . no, no . . . She was a good mother, and a good wife. Everybody who will know Rachel will know this, she was, she was . . . I thank G-d today, 54 years married to a wife like she was. I enjoyed every minute. I miss her now. There is nothing I can do about it. That's life._________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

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