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Title: To This Day I Cringe
Jeannine Burk
Duration: 56 seconds
Copyright: ©1999, John Menszer
Transcript: When I was hidden, the Gestapo, the Germans, the Nazis used to parade down the street. You have seen have seen pictures of how they march. They really do.

This is truly how they march. Because I had to hide in the outhouse when they used to parade, because I couldn't be seen. And everybody on the street where I was hidden, everybody had to keep their doors open. It was almost like mandatory for the neighborhood to watch them parade. And I couldn't be seen, so they made me hide in the outhouse. And I remember I was petrified. I wasn't quite sure of what it was, but I was petrified. And as long as I live I will never forget how they marched and the noise they make. To this day I cringe._________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

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