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Title: Not Just One Man
Jeannine Burk
Duration: 84 seconds
Copyright: ©1999, John Menszer
Transcript: Look at all the people that it took to run the run the trains. To make men, women, children...I mean, my father you know. I picture my father having to go into the showers. Do you know difficult that is? Do you know how...I can't describe it to you. I cannot describe to you. And I wasn't there. You know this is my imagining, hearing the New Americans where we are...that's my extended family because I, I don't have anybody. My sister, you know, is in New York; my brother is still in Belgium, but I don't have anybody else, so they have become my family. But it is through them that I am able to do this. But I imagine from what they've told me...of what they've told you...what my father had to have gone through. And look at all the people that it took. Look at all the Germans, all the Poles, all the it is not just one man, and it is not just Milosovic either._________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

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