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Title: Conscripted into the Russian Army
Isak Borenstein
Duration: 39 seconds
Copyright: ©1999, John Menszer
Transcript: I passed the little bridge, I believe this is the Elbe River. On the other side was a Russian soldier. He talked to me Russian. You know, if I explained to you in Russian you would know. The word is 'Kuda idyosh?' ('Where are you going?'). So I told him, 'I am going home.' He said, 'No, you are not going home, you are going into the army.' So I looked at him like I am crazy. I asked him, 'Who is going to carry whom, me the rifle or the rifle me? I weigh just ninety pounds.' He said, 'Don't worry. You have bones, the meat will grow.' And he took me to the army._________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

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