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Title: Treblinka Song: "A Storm Raged"
Solomon Radasky
Duration: 140 seconds
Copyright: ©, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Estate of Frieda Radasky; Translation by Toby Radasky Kornreich
Transcript: My name is Frieda Radasky. I was born in Warsaw, Poland, and survived the Nazi regime during World War II. When I was in the Warsaw ghetto there was a folk song that described the terribal tragedy that was happened to Warsaw Jews. It described how families were taken to the Umslagplatz amid terror and screams knowing that once they were transported to Treblinka they would never return.
Treblinka Song: "A Storm Raged" Es iz a shturm durkh di velt iz oyfgegangen,

A storm raged throught the world,

Es hobn felker farvandelt on lender.

Leaving people up rooted and homeless.

On rakhmones yoysherdik khurev gemakht a velt.

Without pity or justice, a world was destroyed.

Di zin fun himl aruf gerisn, in fin tog gemakht nakht.

The sun was torn from the heavens, and day turned into night.

Dort nisht vayt, shteyt an umshlagplats shoyn grayt

There, not far, the Unschlagplatz lies waiting.

Men shtift zikh dort in di brayt in di vogonen.

People push and shove there for space in the railcars.

Dort hert men ayngeshray vi dos kind shrayt tsi der mame,

There, you hear the sound of a child crying to its mother,

"Vi lozt du mikh aleyn? Di vest shoyn mer zu mir nisht kimen!"

"Why are you leaving? You'll never come back to me!"

Di politsay zay hobn gikh gehaysn--"Gayn!"

The police shout the order--"Go!"

"Ir vert nisht visn fink a noyt; ir vert mit kimen dray broyt!"

"You won't feel a bit hungry; you'll get 3 loaves of bread!"

Un mit di dray kilo broyt hob azy nisht gevist,

But with those 3 kilos of bread, they did not know,

Az zay geyen oyf dem toyt.

That they were being driven to their deaths.

Treblinke dort;

Treblinka lies ahead;

Far yedn eynems gite ort.

For everyone a nice resting place.

Ver oysgeyt ahin dort,

For whoever goes there,

Kim shoyn nisht mer tsurik.

Never comes back again.

Dos harts bavaynt ven men tit zikh nur dermonen,

The heart weeps when one recalls a sister or a brother,

A shvester brider zenen dortn umgekumen.

Who were murdered there.

Ot shteyt der vogn!

The train is here waiting!

Un dos aynz ken ikh aynsogn,

And there's only one thing left to say,

"Az fin Treblinke bin ikh!"

"That I am for Treblinka!"

Frieda Radasky learned this song while working in the kitchen at a coal depot in the Praga district of Warsaw (outside the ghetto area) in 1943. The kitchen workers, all young women, witnessed many deportations. The song was written over a period of time. Each worker contributed to the lyrics. The Umslagplatz was the area where Jews were rounded up for deportation from the Warsaw hetto.
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