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June 10, 1940
Vilna, Poland [now Vilnius, Lithuania]

Dear Sasha,

Today, we received your letter, and we are very pleased that you received our letter and our parcel. On the way are two packages, in one you have shorts. In a few days we will send another package. Here, everything is as it was. I work very little, and I spend a lot of time in the water. I meet Wowka very often. He asks about you. He also works very little. He was supposed to go to America, but now it is very difficult. He send his regards to you. I spoke to Churgin. He is very interested in you. He works in his mother in law's store. Regards from the artist M. Kanter. We are doing everything in our power, so that you will be able to return home. And we hope it will be soon. I will write more in the next letter.

Yours, Noah

P.S. Write exactly what you are getting in the packages.

Dear Sasha,

You always write that I should write you long letters, but you know I have a hard time with writing. The best thing would be if we didn't need to correspond. In a little while, we will be able to have long talks. Meier writes you all the news. You know, he is our spokesman. You are asking what I am doing in Vilna. So far, it is lonely. Up till now, it was cold. Now the weather is good, and together with Noah we were able to go to the beach on Saturday. We went out in a kayak, but we froze because it was so windy. But we had a good time.

We go very little into the city, and the house is lonely and empty. Mother goes the whole day to the city, and Father is by himself in the house. So we sit in the evenings and we just talk...mostly about you. Father talks only about you. Please write if some of you received release papers. Write us also what you like best about the food we are sending you.

Almost none of your military friends are here, only Wejeman. Last week one of your acquaintances came back--Brojdo. He was with you in the First Regiment, where you were in the beginning. I went up to him and introduced myself as your sister. I didn't know him from before, not at all. He told me that he knew you in Vilna. He told me that he met you in the Fall, and he told me where and when. I didn't speak to him for too long, because I felt that occasionally he didn't know what he was talking about. But I think that he met you there. Write me if you know him.

So far there is no news. Everything goes on as usual. Father and Mother and everybody send you their regards. Be well, and write if you have any news about the release papers.

In a few days we will write again, and send you more packages. Be well and see you soon.

Your sister, Doba.