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September 4, 1940
Vilna, Poland [now Vilnius, Lithuania]

Dear Sasha:

Today, a package was sent to you. Why didn't you acknowledge the last package? From your last letter we realized that you had only received the parcel with the strawberry jam. After that you should have received more packages. Please write us about it. Today, a package was sent on Doba's passport. Now, we are unable to send more as we already used Father's, Mother's and Doba's passports. To use them again we have to wait six months.

You should find some friend and get together. Perhaps, he would have family in Vienna and we would then be able to send packages to you through his family in Vienna. We would need their address. Through them we would be able to send you more. So for now we are out of possibilities. There is a law that you can only send one package every six months. And the last name of the sender and the receiver must be the same.

So far no news. Everyone is healthy. We have not received any letters from Benjamin and Rachel or from Rivka [Shep's sister]. You ask if there are changes in the way that we live. Of course, there are some changes. You ask about the address of our aunt. We ask that you not write in Polish, only in German, and they should be able to read it: N.S. Cohen 1706 Jackson Avenue New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America [Shep's aunt].

We will also write to her. We will write what you already know, that Doba is two weeks married. Noah works at his old job. Albert doesn't work much in his profession. For me personally, everything is as it was. Everybody sends their heartfelt regards. Write as often as you can. Your Mother is very worried. Answer this right away. Regards from your parents.

Regards, Meier

Dear Sasha,

As Meier has written to you I was married two weeks ago. We were married at home. Noah works a little now. Everything would be alright if only you were here with us. We are doing everything that is in our power. We have to keep on hoping.

We hope that everything will work out. Why do you write so little? What is your news? In Vilna, everything is like it was.

Mother and Father send their warmest regards. Next letter I will send you my wedding photographs. I don't have them yet. Please write more often, and write more about yourself. Noah is at work now, but in the next letter he will write you.

Regards from everybody. Goodbye.

Your loving sister, Doba I kiss you. Bye. Bye. Bye.