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April 20, 1941
Vilna, Poland [now Vilnius, Lithuania]

Dear Sasha:

We received your letter with the photograph. We were very happy with your picture. Mother cried very much, but what could we do. We have to live with the hope that the time will come when we will be able to see each other again in person.

Dear Sasha, hold out and be in good spirits. And I hope we will all live to see better times. There is no news. We are alive and healthy. Our parents don't have the store anymore. I am working in Nowa Wilejka. Noah works as a furrier. Micha teaches at the high school. Now we have to pay rent on our own apartment [the family owned 16 apartments at Kaldarijus 40].

We live with hope. When we see what is going on in the whole world all things considered we still have it good here. We can get everything. There is no shortage of food. Our spirits are holding up. Just so it shouldn't get any worse until the war ends.

For Passover we had matzoh, and nothing was missing. In the beginning of this month we sent you a ten kilogram package. Now, they permit a package each month. Don't worry about us. Your parents have one concern to see you again. We hope that this time will come soon.

We wonder why you didn't receive the medication. She wrote that she mailed it to you. Write to her often. We are getting letters from Benjamin and Rachel. Rachel has a beautiful little girl, and Benjamin has a son. Rivka was here several times. Be healthy.

Regards from everybody.

Your parents, Asher and Bela [Shep's Father and Mother]