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July 14, 1945
Tel Aviv, Palestine

My dear Brother:

The letter that I have awaited for so long has arrived. It brings us such happiness that we finally heard from you, that you are alive. At the same time, I feel pain and bitterness when I read a letter from our little sister, Doba, that she had written in the ghetto. I can't quiet down. My head spins around. Yes, dear brother, so far we haven't had any news from the rest of the family. It is a tragedy and a terrible pain that breaks my heart.

I am happy with your letter, but why didn't you write up till now? I would like to hear from the others, too. Right away, I called Nioma to come over. However, I wouldn't want to delay the answer you are waiting for.

I understand that after six years you must be a little broken mentally. But you should know, you are not the only one in the world. You have a sister and a brother who will help you with anything that it is in our power to do. I don't understand why you don't think about Palestine. Here you have close family. I want you to know that in Palestine life is not easy, but someplace else is not easy either. Here you would be with your close relatives.

It doesn't hurt to write the American relations. They owe money to our parents. We should ask them to help you to establish yourself in Palestine. Write to us if you could somehow get a certificate to Palestine. They are easier to get in London than from here.

We are sending you a picture of our dear and unforgettable parents. And a picture of my two daughters. Ilana is five years old and Tamar is nine months old. Ilana cried with me when we received your letter. She is interested in her uncle. You probably changed in the ten years since I have seen you. I have the picture from before the war when you were 18 years old.

I live in Tel Aviv and I have a good husband. We don't have any luxuries, but it is not a bad life. I would like it very much if you would come quickly to Palestine. You should settle down and start a family. It is so rewarding to have a close family, and a brother and a sister. Nioma and Hannah and their six year old son live in a Kibbutz. Nioma probably will be at my house tomorrow, and he will read your letter. We have inquired about you in London. Please send me your picture. Write if you need anything. I wait for your answer.

Your Sister, Rachel