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Beloved Holocaust Survivor Solomon Radasky (whose tattooed arm is pictured above) died at age 92 on August 4, 2002. His defining characteristic was courage. He was a hero to his children and grandchildren. He faced the worst and the best in life. His strength, wit and wisdom saw him through. Devoted to his religion he put on tefillin the morning before he died. Surrounded by his family his last decision was that he no longer needed to be a survivor.

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Yom Hashoah, the day which commemorates victims of the Holocaust, is May 3rd. View our special on-line exhibit Voices from the Oblivion.
Why have this web site? Because history is not just about events, it is about human lives. Here we present history with a human face. Read the stories of the survivors. Hear them speak. Look at their family photographs. Consult our encyclopedia. Read a historical introduction to the Holocaust. Leave your thoughts or ask your questions on our discussion page.

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