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New Americans in 1952

New Americans in 1952

In 1952 the Holocaust survivors who had settled in New Orleans pose on the steps of the Jewish Community Center facing St. Charles Avenue. They are going on a tour of the city sponsored by the National Council of Jewish Women Service to the Foreign Born Program.

While not everyone has been identified, the following are included: 1st row: Jack Lasocki, David Radasky, Adam Skorecki, Eva Liberman, Martin Sher. 2nd row: Mr Langer, Mr&Mrs Liberman, Joseph Sher 3rd row: Mr. Weiser, Mr&Mrs Gutermann & Stewart, Dora Niederman, Sam Radasky, Ellen Lasocki, Henry Lasocki, Mrs Goldfarb, Rachel Sher 4th row: Isaac Niederman, Mr&Mrs Melnick & son, Mrs Weiser, Isak Borenstein, Mr&Mrs Bibelkraut, Lila Skorecki, Anne Skorecki, Ruth Skorecki, Mark Skorecki, Pola Borenstein.

Read the news release accompanying this photograph which was produced for the New Orleans States Newspaper.

Photo Credit: The Special Collection of the Howard and Tilton Memorial Tulane University Library