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May 13, 1940
Vilna, Poland [now Vilnius, Lithuania]

Dear Sasha:

Last week we sent you the tenth package. We received a letter from you, and we are very happy that you received the picture and my letter. Also, I would also like to know if you received my long letter.

Today first of all, I am able to give you happy news. Aunt Rachel [Shep's sister] gave birth to a daughter. On Thursday, the ninth of this month, we received the telegram from her. Your parents were very happy, and we wish her Mazel Tov. And we will give you a second Mazel Tov, when you come home. We also received a letter from Benjamin and Hannah [Shep's brother and sister-in-law] and with pictures of their child. He is already 14 months old and a very beautiful child.

Please write if everything in the package arrived, [the packages were often pilfered] and I hope it did not get too stale. We would love to send you tobacco, however they do not permit this anymore. Only permitted are bread and butter, and schmaltz. In the house everything is alright. Everyone is healthy. Your parents are very worried about you and they would love to see you. Mother was a few times by Aunt Khile, also Uncle Wigodski. They send you their regards, and they wish you well.

Father has already changed his passport, and he has Lithuanian citizenship. So according to the law you are also a Lithuanian citizen. I cannot yet be a citizen because I don't have the required documents. And Micha doesn't have citizenship yet. This issue is very difficult for us. Micha still works in the high school, as before. His friends would like him to come to Palestine, but so far, Micha doesn't want to go. We are in touch with the American family through letters. I have to finish this letter because Doba and Noah want to write a few words.


Dear Brother:

Your letter arrived, for which we are very thankful. What is the news? With us everything is as it was. We just miss you. Father and Mother are healthy. We think about you. Noah and I visited Wejeman. Gerszenowicz is in a Russian prisoner of war camp. For this reason we can't get you what you want. Izka Churgin sends his regards. Did you receive his letter? He wrote you long ago. He lives with his father, and he has a beautiful little son. He always talks about you. Wowka [a good friend] also sends you his regards.

I want to inform you that our family has just gotten bigger. Rachel gave birth to a daughter. There remains only one problem -- you. We all wait impatiently for things to turn out well. I am ending my letter because I want to leave room for Noah to write. Be healthy.

Your sister, Doba

Dear Sasha:

Your last letter arrived. I am very happy that you received all the letters and packages. With us there are no changes. I visit your house every day, and we talk only about you. We miss you, and we hope that we will be able to see each other again soon. With us there is no news. I am working very little. The season will start soon, and I hope to have a job. The weather is not very good. But this doesn't matter because the club was legalized. [perhaps a Maccabi Sports Club]

Dear Sasha. Mother can't write to you because she writes very little Polish. Find out if she could write to you in Yiddish. Regards from all your friends and girlfriends, and we hope to see you. I am ending. In the next letter I will write more. Please write more.

Yours, Noah

Everybody in the family sends their regards.