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May 20, 1940
Vilna, Poland [now Vilnius, Lithuania]

Dear Sasha:

Today, we received two letters and one postcard from you. The house is very lonesome without you. I hope we will see each other shortly. We are all working on the Lithuanian citizenship papers, and we hope that everything will work out fine. We have to have patience. As I have written before, Gerszenowicz is no longer in Vilna. He is in a prisoner of war camp in Russia. Therefore, I can't get what you asked for.

Meier has already written to you about what is going on in the house. Everyone is healthy. Everyday, we look in the mailbox to see if there is mail from you. We had no letter from you last week. I don't have any special news. Noah wrote you last week. I hope you received his letter.

Everyone in the city is inquiring about you. Business is very slow, and the trade is very small. We get very little income. Rachel gave birth to a daughter. We received a telegram, but the letter did not arrive yet. Nioma's son David had his first birthday. Chaya [Hannah, Benjamin/Nioma's wife] writes that he is a very good and a talented child and resembles his father. We are very happy about this. What is the news with you? Are you healthy? Please write more often. Be well. Next letter I will write more and Noah will also write. Wejeman and all of your friends send their regards to you.

Mother and Father are kissing you from far away.

Your sister Doba.