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October 2, 1942
Vilna, Poland [now Vilnius, Lithuania]

Dear Brother Sasha:

In the beginning of my letter I want to tell you that we don't know anything about our parents. They left for Varilenai with Meier. We have to hope that we will see them again. They took Noah too, away to work. I am at home by myself with my son, Notele [Nathan], and with Micha. I live together with Noah's brother, who helps me with my little boy. Today, is his first birthday.

Micha puts us all on his ration card, because his family is not here anymore. We have to live with the hope that after the war we will see each other again, because everyone else in the family they took away for work. We haven't heard anything from Nioma and Rachel. I just hope to see you again. You are the only one who is left from the family.

You, my dear brother, take care of yourself and have the strength to live until the time when we will meet again at our own table. That shall be our destiny. Write often. Be healthy. I kiss you very much and my son does, too.


[Note in Shep's handwriting] From this time on no news received.