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[date unknown]
Doba Lewin, "Blok Kailis", str. Mindaugieuis 15-24, Litauer, Ostland

Dear Sasha:

I was happy to see by your letter that you are healthy. I didn't give you my address, because I was sure I would not get an answer at the last address. Sasha, we should not lose hope. We are the only ones left alive, and maybe God will help us, and we will be together. Mother and Father were taken away, but I don't know anything more about them. I have a son, and he is 14 months old. Noah, they took away 11 months ago. I lived only for him. Now, my only hope is to be with you. Write more often.

My son's name is Notele. Micha comes to us almost every day. He also doesn't have anybody left. Sasha, why does somebody else write instead of you? It is not your handwriting. Are you sick? Write everything, and I hope we will see each other soon.

I kiss you. Hold up brother. Notele Lewin Kisses XXXX